So I mentioned this as the mission statement for Lower Merion Beverage Co in the last blog post and thought it was a good idea to better explain what we are doing here…

What do we mean by The Right Beverages?  This is the fun part! We are offering a wide selection of thoughtfully curated domestic, craft and import beer, cider, hard seltzer/lemonade/tea/kombucha, and malt beverage for all tastes. We are also building out web applications based on our personal experience in the store to offer personalized, community-favorite and new arrival recommendations.  Additionally, we are partnering with wholesalers and breweries to bring in Hyper Local, Local, Regional & National independent craft brews that Keep It Local (no matter what your Local perspective is).

What is the The Right Place? This was the one element that Kerry & I wanted to make sure we are successful at…  We would like to provide a clean, organized and tasteful-designed store with ample event space (for exclusive “meet-the-brewer” experiences and private tastings).  We found being in Ardmore Plaza near the Fine Wine & Spirits and other places near downtown Ardmore would be key to helping people get their shopping done all in one place.  Parking can be a challenge but we offer dedicated spots (coming soon) to allow you quick access to the store and will always take your purchase to your car no matter where it is located.  Delivery will be coming soon as we ramp up our operations and cash flow to purchase a delivery vehicle in order to service folks in the greater Lower Merion community.

Time & Price?? It is hard to have a retail store be open 24 / 7 but we are working hard to be open when you most want to shop.  We are open 7 days a week through most of the day (10 – 9).  We are working on an web application with a technology partner to provide up-to-date inventory and information about our products to make it easier to shop at your convenience & time.  Small business is hard to compete on prices with the large national & regional grocery / convenience stores but we will do the best we can to be super competitive on price.  We just recently reduced our prices to meet that goal.

How do we define The Right Service?? We want to provide a dedicated, well-trained staff that quickly fulfills orders with their passion for beer and fun beverages (both new & old).  We want to make a personal connection to our customers by providing our personal insight into flavor, ingredients, alcohol intensity, and pairing options.  We want to greet every customer with a smile and provide them the ability to get what they want quickly – or browse and spend time looking at the large selection we have to offer.  We want to make it easier for you to bring your purchases to your car by offering to bring to your car (no matter where it is located) to make it easier for you to shop at Lower Merion Beverage.

What is our mission? We strive to be a team that works, lives, and acts locally within the Ardmore & Lower Merion Community.  We want to support the local community via events, fundraising, job creation, and career empowerment – supporting our local young community members and especially for the veteran community that I am a member and supporter.  This is where we are going to need our customers, vendors, and communities to help to figure out the how & when we can make a difference. We ask for your ideas and support!